NetSuite for Manufacturers

NetSuite Ecommerce, empowers you to reach more potential customers, sell more products, fulfill orders, and drive customer satisfaction. If you have brick and mortar stores, it's easy to add POS capabilities.


NetSuite for QuickBooks Users

Mid-sized companies in just about every industry are leaving QuickBooks and transforming their business systems with cloud computing to handle their company's next growth cycle more efficiently.


NetSuite for Sage Users

Contact management and email marketing systems like ACT! are 'outgrown' when you need integrated accounting, eCommerce or marketing automation. Learn how to successfully upgrade to NetSuite CRM/ERP.

Net Suite

NetSuite for MAC Users

Are you a Macintosh shop looking for a cloud based ERP/CRM/Ecommerce system? NetSuite stores all company communications and transactions in the Cloud from your Mac. All you need is internet access.

NetSuite Overview

NetSuite Overview

The #1 Cloud ERP/Financials Software Suite

Full-featured financials / accounting, CRM, inventory and ecommerce software--all in a single system

Real-time visibility across your entire business with real-time dashboards for all your key employees anytime and anywhere

Dramatically lower maintenance and license fees with cloud computing infrastructure

Deep industry solutions for:wholesalers/distributors, manufacturers, e-tailers and service companies.

NetSuite Products

NetSuite for Manufacturers

DKM is a reseller and authorized Solution Provider of NetSuite solutions specializing in professional operations and marketing services for manufacturers. As business process experts, we can show you how to use standard software to automate inventory management, sales force automation, marketing automation, MRP, and product costing. Find out what over 200 of our world class customers have discovered….that DKM has a passion for world class results.

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NetSuite Financials

Think Quickbooks is easy? With NetSuite accounting, you can set up recurring transactions, easy financials report with visual dashboards and KPI (key performance indicators)….included. Are you taking collection notes manually and emailing customers reminders out of Outlook. NetSuite has all the collections functionality…included, no toggling back and forth. Add integration to inventory, manufacturing and product costing, and you have a world class ERP solution, at $150/month/user.

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NetSuite CRM+

Typical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems allow you to track leads and prospects. NetSuite goes beyond the typical contact manager to provide 360 degree view of prospects that were browsing your site. Once you have a suspect, that same record can be turned into a customer, allow a sales order to be places and invoice, with minimal intervention. You also can then service that same customer and track future purchases from beginning to end.

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NetSuite eCommerce

NetSuite Ecommerce provides the framework and tools to increase sales in your channel while automating your operations. Whether your end users are consumers or businesses, NetSuite provides you with a single integrated application so you can easily reach more prospects, increase your sales, correctly fulfill sales orders, and improve customer satisfaction across different landscapes.

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NetSuite OneWorld

One World by NetSuite is the first cloud system to provide realtime business management and financial consolidation to medium companies with multi-subsidiary company structure.. It allows companies to management business enites and legal subsidiaries from one account.. One World , in a transparent manner, handles multi-currency and taxation rules--all at a much reduced cost of a typical on premise solution.

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Executives constantly track five to ten key objectives, and creating key performance indicators on a dashboard has been among the biggest requests of IT…the problem, its can cost tens of thousands of dollars with traditional systems. NetSuite includes operational and executive dashboards with alerts if objectives are exceeded…..or missed.

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Performance of territories and partners is critical to the modern sales manager. If we add in items and geographies, many sales analysis tools with legacy systems start to fall short. NetSuite allows the sales manager to manage and track item sales, sale reps, and partners… pipeline…and forecast, that can be automatically sent to manufacturing and the executive team.

Sales Person

Sales Person

Are your sales people following up with critical company lead and prospect information with email and Excel? (or worse yet, pads of paper). Do they have the ability to create ticklers that get pushed to their email or smart device? If a sales person leaves the company, do the leads go with him. With a full Salesforce Automation System, NetSuite can provide the reps (and their managers) all they need to succeed, out of the box.

Sales Manager

Marketing Manager

Where do companies spend valuable marketing dollars…on campaigns that drive the best ROI. If you, as a marketing manager, can't track the return on your …say organic keyword search results, it can be difficult to go to the CEO with additional requests. Track ROI on trade shows, email campaigns, Google Adword and Radio ads easily with online dashboards. Create a drip marketing capability to 'touch' prospects without forwarding lukewarm leads to sales….all in the base NetSuite system.

Support Manager

Support Manager

Support needs visibility of the top 10 'problem cases.' Support needs the ability to escalate cases and assign tasks to work groups. Support needs a knowledge base to tackle problems easily or to push as a self service capability. NetSuite with its workflow, ticklers, notes, file attachment and case management, allows the support manager to excel….and to potential turn the unit into a profit center.


Ecommerce / Website Manager

NetSuite's Ecommerce functionality lets you leverage the Web to grow your business faster and more cost effectively. It transforms your static Web site into a dynamic, database-driven ecommerce portal, which ties together online customer acquisition efforts with back-office order fulfillment. Your company can deliver an intuitive and satisfying experience to both customers and partners.


Warehouse Manager

NetSuite also extends into the order fulfillment, packing, and shipping processes of a warehouse. NetSuite's integration with FedEx and UPS lets users print labels with tracking numbers, verify shipping domestic and international shipping addresses and process shipments in phases including picking, packing and shipping. Multi-location Inventory allows you to keep an accurate record of inventory on hand at each of your storage locations. As a result, you can transfer inventory between locations with greater ease. And you can route sales orders quickly to the appropriate warehouse employee

Sales Manager


General Ledger allows an unlimited number of accounts and subaccounts, and supports account numbers as long as 15 alphanumeric characters. Plus, users can define their own accounting periods and close individual components separately. NetSuite has predefined more than 21 different charts of accounts for different industries, but you can customize them further if necessary. You can also set up as many departments and classes as you want to track. In addition, NetSuite continuously maintains a complete audit trail. It tracks who made the entry and when, referencing each transaction by the user login details.