Integrated CRM

  • Adds sales force automation and support management.
  • Eliminates spreadsheets and packaged solutions like Goldmine and ACT!
  • Seamlessly integrates CRM functionality with accounting in one solution.

Integrated E-Commerce

  • Adds E-Commerce without stand-alone solutions like Volusion.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple databases with access to one database for customers, items, pricing, locations... and much more

Integrated Manufacturing

  • Adds manufacturing, which most companies require after their start-up phase.
  • Outstanding job costing, project management, work order management, BOMs, assemblies, planning, and fulfillment... in one system.

Complex Business Processes

  • Handles approvals, limits, alerts, and metrics where QB falls short of the mark.
  • Allows for the automation of complex and varied business processes in enterprise accounting, distribution, manufacturing and support.

Screencast - Why NetSuite is Better than QuickBooks

Why NetSuite is Better than QuickBooks

DKM's CEO Explains the Benefits of Upgrading from QuickBooks to NetSuite.

So here's all my customer information for this particular customer I might also want to Look at marketing information so the nice thing about this system is that I'm able to see a 36o degree view of this particular customer whether it's CRM information, whether it's accounting information, whether it's fulfillment information all that good stuff. You can even go to other areas. you might want to see a customer satisfaction survey or you might want to get into collection information ALL this information is right there at your fingertips.

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NetSuite vs. QuickBooks Feature Comparison Chart

World Class Integrated CRM
Includes Integrated Ecommerce
Includes Advanced Inventory Management
Advanced Manufacturing: Work Orders, Routings and BOMs
Integrated Project Management
Integrated Workflow Management
Manages Multiple Global Subsidiaries and Rollups
Offers Manufacturing and Project Costing
Procurement Management with Approval Workflows
Allows Requisitions (Unapproved Purchase Orders)
Limited CRM
Ecommerce Extra $$
Limited Multi-Site Inventory
No Advanced Manufacturing
Project Management Extra $$
No Workflow Automation
No Multi-Subsidiary Rollup
No Manufacturing or Project Costing
No Procurement Workflows
No Requistions